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Southeast Fellow (Shaliach)

in Hadera-Eiron, Israel

The journey of a lifetime starts with a few simple steps...


There can be no better international experience than living like a local. Come join us as a Southeast Fellow, a joint program from MASA and the Parternship2Gether Unit. Immerse yourself in the culture of Israel and the Hadera-Eiron Region. Live in a community of young people. Share your experiences growing up as a young person in a Jewish Community in the Southeastern United States with Israelis in Israel.  


This is a unique opportunity to engage with the local community in a hands-on volunteer experience building lifelong international, professional and social networks and being part of a communal and supportive environment. You will grow as a leader, a professional and a person.  You will work with teens and young adults to share your own experiences and learn from them. You will have the opportunity to share your adventures and knowledge gained in your ten-month experience with members of our Southeast Consortium Communities through social media and virtual programming.


We are looking for young people with strong backgrounds in community volunteering, engagement in Jewish life and connection to Israel. We are seeking young people who are flexible, organized self-starters who seek to make connections and share experiences with others. If this is you...come make a difference in the lives of others as well as your own. Join us for this once in a lifetime Partnership Program...the Southeast Fellow!

Community Life

Being part of a living community means contributing to social action in community life.  The Southeast Fellow will be housed in an apartment in the heart of a neighborhood in one of the partnership cities. The Southeast Fellow will have adoptive families who will accompany them throughout the year and host them on holidays and weekends and take care of everything they need. 

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Israel-American Discourse

Engage with the residents of the Hadera-Eiron Community at informal events and expose them to the changing reality of Jews whose homes are in the Southeastern United States. Help to create an intimate dialogue about the similarities and differences between Diaspora and Israeli Jews.

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Educational Programs

The Southeast Fellow will take part in the educational activities of the Partnership that seek to connect and promote a sense of Jewish Peoplehood and shared responsibility for students both in our Southeast Communities and Israeli schools. With the help of the Southeast Fellow, we can strengthen Israel and Jewish engagement in American Communities by connecting classes from both sides of the ocean and have students meet each other around various Class2Class activities. Beyond that, there exists a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, sports and recreation that the Southeast Fellow will be able to find themself and integrate in order to support the community by facilitating a quality afterschool program.

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      Be’tzavta -Youth Leadership Program

A unique program creating a social network while managing to engage and bring awareness to the high school students in the Hadera-Eiron Region on the issue of the Global Jewish World. This program creates a meaningful experience, giving a venue for a significant discussion on different social issues including Jewish identity, diversity, Jewish peoplehood, activism, leadership and more. The Southeast Fellow will participate in meetings and deliver relevant activities and content and contribute to the multicultural discourse from his/her personal experiences growing up in a Southeast Jewish Community. 

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Social Media

Communication back to the Southeast communities via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Weekly Blogs.

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