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Learning, Sharing

Class2Class Interactions create a joint program based on a pedagogical theme but can easily integrate into existing subjects in both Judaic and general studies.

This program encourages students to enrich their basic Jewish knowledge and practice Hebrew and English, while they think and prepare what they send to their peers overseas. It is a joint journey, build together schedules for creation and sharing and a be part of a larger story, the story of our Jewish People from both sides the ocean.

Chattanooga, TN Sunday School & Menashe Katzir

Community School

Charlotte, NC,  at Temple Kol Tikvah - Lake Norman 

& Hadera Tzlil Elementary School

Jacksonville, FL Gottlieb Day School & Menashe Reut

Elementary School

Charlotte, NC,  Jewish Day School & Menashe Katzir

Community School

Charleston Porter Gaud

High School & Menashe

Gvanim High-School

Nashville, TN, Akiva School &

Pardes-Hanna Karkur

Alonim Elementary School

Chattanooga, TN, Discovery Museum Homeschool Club & Hadera Beit Eliezer Middle School Mofet Class

Greensboro Bnai Shalom Day School & Menashe Reut Elementary School