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Alona Regional Council

The geographical area

The low Alona hills extend southwest of Ramot Menashe.

The space between Amikam, Givat Nili and Aviel, is the area of ​​the smallest regional council in the country.



A hilly area that rises east of the Nadiv Valley, separated into three blocks of hills that are separated from each other in the valleys of the Taninim and Ada streams. The hills are rounded or elliptical and diligent by channels that drain in all directions and form domes that are separated from each other by small valleys. The hills grow a diverse grove, a park forest of Alon Tavor, herbaceous strawberries and shrubs of buckthorn. The valleys are cultivated: orchards, vineyards and fields. Most of the uncultivated area is used for cattle grazing.


A moshav belonging to the organization of Herut settlements - Betar. The name is symbolic. Also the number of families who immigrated from Poland, today the number of farmers in the locality is very small. Most of the inhabitants are no longer revisionists and the main industry is former military personnel and present high-tech personnel.

Givat Nili 

A moshav belonging to the Herut movement located within the Alona Regional Council. The settlement was established in 1953 by immigrants from Iraq, Turkey and Tunisia. In 1956 the settlement was connected to the national electricity grid. About 150 families live in the locality. Farmers, especially members of the founding generation, are engaged in growing grapes for wine and food, fruit farming and raising cattle.


A moshav belonging to the Herut movement, in the area of ​​the Alona Regional Council. Located about six kilometers northeast of Binyamina. The area of ​​the settlement is about 3,000 dunams and its population includes about 900 people. The settlement was established in August 1949 on the lands of the Arab village of Cindiana, which was occupied by the Irgun during the War of Independence. Its area is about 3,000 dunams. About 40 of the 70 members of the nucleus participated in the aliyah, as some of the members of the nucleus were still in the IDF. To Rome who was killed on December 28, 1946 while trying to escape from an Italian prison. For years it was determined that the settlement was named after Aviel from the Bible, Saul's grandfather, but this decision was overturned.

The symbol of the Alona Regional Council reflects its three salient features: the oak tree, which is dominant in the grove in the council area in general and in Alona Park in particular; The grape cluster symbolizes the dominance of its settlements, and the map of Greater Israel on both banks of the Jordan, a symbol of the freedom movement to which the inhabitants of the settlements belonged at the time of their establishment.

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