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Partnership2GETHER Hadera-Eiron Southeast Consortium US

& Czech Republic

Partnership2Gether (P2G) is the central platform for the promotion, empowerment, and development of deep connections between Jewish communities. P2G is turning “Israel” and “the global Jewish family” from abstract concepts into tangible, vibrant, compelling realities.

With 400 Jewish and Israeli communities in 43 city-to-city and region-to-region Partnerships, P2G is engaging more than 350,000 participants each year in meaningful, ongoing connections between Israelis and Jews from around the world.

P2G Fellows

P2G Hadera-Eiron Southeast Fellow

The journey of a lifetime starts with a few simple steps...

There can be no better international experience than living like a local.

Our 2021-2022 P2G Fellows  - Jasmine Hubara (Charleston, SC) and Benny Winkelmann (Richmond, VA). They have already started planning some incredible programs and activities for our Hadera-Eiron community. They will be working with teens and children in schools in Hadera, Pardes-Hanna and Menashe Regional Council throughout the year.

Their work will be a living bridge to our Southeast communities.

Looking forward to seeing what this coming year has in store for all of us!

Jasmine & Benny in the press 

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"Shalom y’all! It’s Jasmine and Benny, the Shlichim from the Southeast USA. We are so excited to share our journey here in Hadera-Eiron!"

Follow Jasmine & Benny while they share their journey on Social Media.

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Learning, Sharing

Class2Class program engaging students from our different communities in joint activities through which they enrich their basic Jewish knowledge, bring awareness to our differences and similarities and practice Hebrew and English while they work on shared content. 

* This program is for students grades 4th-6th.

Want to register with you class?

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