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2Gether We Rise: Brotherhood in Times of Crisis

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

אבל בצבא בלבד לא יקום ביטחוננו, בימים אלה תלוי הבטחון .בכושרו הטוטאלי של העם. וקודם כל — בחוסנו הרוחני דוד בן-גוריון 1954 ’חזון ודרך‘, כרך חמישי, עמ׳ .226‘

“However, our security will not come into being solely by the army; in these times security is dependent on the capability of the people, and first and foremost – its spiritual force.” David Ben-Gurion 'Vision and Path’, Volume 5, p. 226. 1954.

Local and national initiatives for support have emerged in Israel during these challenging times. These efforts demonstrate the resilience and solidarity of the community. These initiatives are coming from a place of unity and compassion, showing the strength of the community in Israel. The efforts of the artists, musicians, and individuals of all ages who are volunteering and opening their homes are vital to providing much-needed support and relief to those affected by the war.

We too have wonderful initiatives in our Hadera- Eiron area:

Hadera Urban Volunteer Center For Emergencies is coordinating hosts for families from the south, providing babysitters for essential workers' children, and offering emotional support to those dealing with anxiety. Menashe Regional Council is hosting families from the south. Hundreds of families volunteer to host those who need a place to stay. Food and supplies are collected to give to those who lost everything. A local website in Pardes-Hanna Karkur is playing a significant role in coordinating various volunteering initiatives. These initiatives include collecting food and equipment for soldiers and residents who had to leave their homes, organizing cultural activities for children and adults from affected settlements, and providing emotional and mental support through phone calls and Zoom. Kibbutz Sdot Yam Sea Center is hosting families from the South. Local artists are organizing activities and musical performances, providing them with some respite and entertainment during difficult times.

The Partnership's focus is on engaging volunteers and teens. We have successfully harnessed the power of collective action, drawing individuals who generously give their time and expertise to address community needs.

עם ישראל חי

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